28 December 2011

A World Without Alex Chilton

"A World Without Alex Chilton" from Alabama Lo-Fi's: "The Stories We Could Tell", presented in a slideshow tribute to one of the great unsung heroes of rock n roll.
A World Without Alex Chilton
Words and music by Rod Warner
"I wrote this the day I heard that Alex Chilton had passed. I wrote it from the point of view of some of the people he influenced who influenced me. The names in the last verse are Paul Westerberg from the Replacements, Pete Buck from REM, and Jeff Tweedy from Wilco. The production is meant to feel like a Big Star song."

For Alex

In a world without Alex Chilton
Do the kids still dance to the beat
Does the sun set each evening
And rise each day in the east

A world without Alex Chilton
Is a scary place to be
A world without Alex Chilton
Is a scary place for me

In a world without Alex Chilton
Are the southern girls still sweet
Do the dishes get washed each evening
Are the kids out in the street

A world without Alex Chilton
Is a scary place to be
A world without Alex Chilton
Is a scary place for me

In a world without Alex Chilton
Would Paul be pleased to meet me
Would Pete play the jingle jangle
Would Jeff still sing Thirteen

A world without Alex Chilton
Is a crazy place you’ll see
A world without Alex Chilton
Is a scary place to be
And a scary place for me

Rod Warner – vocals, guitar, piano
Nick Raisz – drums
Andy Carbone – bass, backing vocals
Mike Cady - guitars

28 November 2011

Big Star - In The Street (live 2010)

"In the Street" (Alex Chilton - Chris Bell). Written circa 1971. First recorded in 1971 and released in 1972.A version of "In the Street" by Ben Vaughn was used as the theme song of That '70s Show, which was changed to a version by Cheap Trick after the first season.Big Star with John Davis (Superdrag) perform "In The Street" during the Big Star tribute concert at Levitt Shell in Memphis, TN on May 15, 2010.

28 October 2011

The Box Tops: The Letter

Bizarre. Low-budget. This is the sort of thing bands had to do in 1967 to publicize their music. Alex doesn't seem to care if he's there or not. He's just a kid, but has already discovered better living through chemistry, leading to his hoarse voice. The fact that this meant-to-be-disposable show was recorded, and survived, is amazing. "The Letter" is heard twice (without any attempt to mime/lip-sync) and The Box Tops are informally interviewed.
In 1964 Zacherley hosted a teenage dance show at WNJU-TV in Newark called Disc-O-Teen, hosting the show in full costume and using the teenage show participants in his skits. The show ran for three years until 1967.

Apparently the sheet music publisher didn't have a photo of The Box Tops:
Wayne Carson Thompson is credited as songwriter on the sheet music; all the 45 rpm releases credit Wayne Carson:
Alternate label design:
As released on Sphere Sound:
Reissued in 1975 on Collectables:

28 September 2011

No Sex

Alex Chilton's "No Sex" can be found on these releases:

This MP3 compilation includes studio and live recordings of "No Sex":
The various artists MP3 compilation New Rose Live includes a live version of "No Sex":Immediately upon completing the recording of Panther Burns' Sugar Ditch Revisited in mid-1984, Chilton returned his focus to his own solo career. He stopped playing regular gigs with Panther Burns and took with him the group's bassist, René Coman. Chilton then formed a trio with Coman and Memphis jazz drummer Doug Garrison. The trio immediately began touring intensely and recording at Ardent Studios, releasing in 1985 an EP, Feudalist Tarts, that featured his versions of songs by Carla Thomas, Slim Harpo, and Willie Tee, and releasing in 1986 No Sex. The latter EP contained three originals, including the extended mood piece, "Wild Kingdom," a song highlighting Coman's jazz-oriented, improvisational bass interplay with Chilton.

No Sex (EP) - (New Rose/Big Time, 1986; reissued 1994 on Razor & Tie)

28 August 2011

I Wanna Pick You Up

Alex Chilton performs "I Wanna Pick You Up" (written by Dennis Wilson and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, 1977), from the various artists album Caroline Now! The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys. Released in 2000. Available as a vinyl LP, compact disc, MP3 album, and MP3 single. People who bought it had this to say:

"A threesome of tracks from `The Beach Boys Love You' - `I Wanna Pick You Up', `Honkin' Down the Highway' and `Let's Put Our Hearts Together' - are freed from that album's chunky, synth-oriented production, and take on a life of their own."

"Alex Chilton of the Box Tops (who used to support the Beach Boys on tour) sings a wonderful version of `I Wanna Pick You Up'."

"Musically it's surprise after surprise - Alex Chilton sounds better than he has since 1974..."

"...ex-Big Star and Box Top Alex Chilton's I Wanna Pick You Up (possibly his best performance in over 2 decades)..."

"There are 4 worthwhile cuts - most notably Alex Chilton's "I Wanna Pick You Up" which actually improves on this beautiful childlike tune's original take with a brighter and more up tempo arrangement."

28 July 2011

Till the End of the Day

Alex Chilton "Till the End of the Day" (written by Ray Davies of The Kinks, 1965), from the 2011 Ray Davies album "See My Friends", available as a compact disc, MP3 single and MP3 album.

A 1974 version by Big Star (a different recording than the one on the Ray Davies album) appeared on a release of Third/Sister Lovers, issued as a compact disc, MP3 single and MP3 album.

28 June 2011

Big Star - Hung Up With Summer

Big Star -"Hung Up With Summer" (authorship credited to Jon Auer, Alex Chilton, Bill Cunningham, Jody Stephens, Ken Stringfellow) from In Space (released 2005, recorded 2004). Produced by Big Star with Jeff Powell, recorded and mixed by Jeff Powell at Ardent Studios Memphis, assisted by Adam Hill.

"Hung Up With Summer" was issued as a compact disc, compact disc with extra tracks, vinyl album, MP3 single and MP3 album.

It's also part of a sampler album Uncut 2005, issued as a compact disc.

28 May 2011

The Box Tops - I See Only Sunshine

The Box Tops "I See Only Sunshine" (written by Alex Chilton) Press Music Co, Inc., BMI, 1968, 2:10, An American Group Prod., issued as a 45 rpm single on Mala Records / Bell Records 12,035. The song is currently published by Screen Gems/EMI Music Inc.

In 1996 "I See Only Sunshine" was included in The Best Of The Box Tops: Soul Deep on cassette tape, compact disc, MP3 album, MP3 single, and vinyl.

It was later included in an expanded version of the album Dimensions on compact disc, MP3 album, and MP3 single.

No known cover versions.