28 August 2011

I Wanna Pick You Up

Alex Chilton performs "I Wanna Pick You Up" (written by Dennis Wilson and Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, 1977), from the various artists album Caroline Now! The Songs Of Brian Wilson And The Beach Boys. Released in 2000. Available as a vinyl LP, compact disc, MP3 album, and MP3 single. People who bought it had this to say:

"A threesome of tracks from `The Beach Boys Love You' - `I Wanna Pick You Up', `Honkin' Down the Highway' and `Let's Put Our Hearts Together' - are freed from that album's chunky, synth-oriented production, and take on a life of their own."

"Alex Chilton of the Box Tops (who used to support the Beach Boys on tour) sings a wonderful version of `I Wanna Pick You Up'."

"Musically it's surprise after surprise - Alex Chilton sounds better than he has since 1974..."

"...ex-Big Star and Box Top Alex Chilton's I Wanna Pick You Up (possibly his best performance in over 2 decades)..."

"There are 4 worthwhile cuts - most notably Alex Chilton's "I Wanna Pick You Up" which actually improves on this beautiful childlike tune's original take with a brighter and more up tempo arrangement."

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